The site management file is a tool that controls costs, reduce losses and increase productivity on construction sites

Contractors can easily monitor the progress and requirements of their site on a day to day basis

The Site Management File onsite system that includes:

* Provides all site information and contact details of all professionals, suppliers and subcontractors

* Daily attendance of staff

* Visitors log for clients and professionals

* Site Query forms and log

* Equipment and tool log 

* Incident report form

* Any documentation that may be required by a inspector (NHBRC, Labor Dept., Building, etc)

* Daily Site Diary

* Site Instruction forms and log

* Building plans/design log

* Order log

* Sign off of specialist/subcontractors works

* Comprehensive  manual on how to best use the Site Management File

BUY NOW FOR R895-00* per site 

*  Includes VAT

*  For use on one individual and unique site - copyright applies

*  Does not include delivery if required.  Collection of your file at CCG offices  in Hurlingham, Sandton