Appointment as Principle Agent

In terms of the JBCC® suite of construction contracts, the principal agent is not a party to the contract and does not hold any contractual rights or obligations.  However the principle agent can bind the employer by issuing contract instructions and also receive notices on behalf of the employer. The principle agent is appointed to act on behalf of the employer in respect of a great number of his obligations for which the employer cannot or chooses not to perform himself.

Description of duties

The employer appoints the Principle Agent to act on their behalf to perform the following duties:

  •  Prepare and issue tender documents for works to be executed
  • Scrutinise the received tenders for compliance with the tender documents
  • Issuance of contract documentation and instructions on behalf of the Employer
  • Work in collaboration with the Main Contractor to prepare a cash flow forecast for the Employer
  • Monitor the progress onsite and meet regularly with the main contractor
  • Compile and issue minutes for a professional meetings held with the Employer
  • Receive and keep record of notices on behalf of the Employer
  • Assess the works and issue monthly interim payment certificate and recovery statements 
  • Receive, review, and approve delay claims and variations submitted by the main contractor
  • Adjust and issue the revised date of practical completion in respect to approved claims
  • Issue a comprehensive snag list to the main contractor for achievement of practical completion
  • Issue a certificate of practical completion
  • Issue a comprehensive snag list to the main contractor for the achievement of final completion
  • Issue the certificate of final completion
  • Prepare and issue the final payment certificate

Clients Responsibilities

Even with the appointment of a Principle Agent; the client is still an integral part of the construction project.  It is important that the client:

  • Finalise design and specifications
  • Apply for all municipal connections onsite 
  • Procurement of all items to be directly supplied

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