Contract adjudication

A perfect solution for clients that have already purchased a stand and designed their homes.

This service is focused on putting the project out to tender with experienced professional adjudication though out the tender process.

We understand the principles and methods contractors use in compiling their quotation.  We can give the client an advantage when comparing quotes and appointing a suitable main contractor.

In order to call for tenders CCG would issue the following information to potential contractors on behalf of the client:  

  1. Full set of construction drawings 
  2. Specified materials and methods to be used
  3. Prime cost and Provisional sum budgetary amounts
  4. Tender submission template breaking down the cost of each trade
  5. The type of security required from the contractor
  6. The closing date and submission details

CCG can also negotiate and draft your building contract and maintain contract documentation for the appointment of the main contractor. 

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