CCG offers clients and contractors a range of ad hoc services.

Feasibility studies and budgeting

CCG offers clients and developers assistance in evaluating the decision to build, prior to making any form of commitment. 

Feasibility studies offered in the residential sector consider all risks and advantages of the proposed build. 

Information that is considered and evaluated includes:

  •  Budget - land vs build
  •  Location of proposed stand
  •  Size of proposed dwelling
  •  Estate rules and regulation
  •  Estate architectural guidelines
  •  Financing structures and building bond requirements
  •  Specification and costs of construction and finishing

This information is evaluated to develop a package with the best return on investment for our clients

Main and sub-contractor agreement negotiations

This service is focused on clients that have already appointed a builder.

CCG can assist clients in negotiating and compiling the necessary contracts for the main contractor and any direct sub contractors or specialists.

This is a consultative service, to assist clients in ensuring that risks that may come up during the construction are mitigated..

Assessment of works and valuations

This service is specifically for clients who have appointed a building team and want to ensure they are not under/overpaying the contractors.

CCG offers a neutral assessment of the works done to date by the main contractor, specialist and sub contractors.

CCG can be appointed to do monthly or fortnightly assessments for the duration of the project or as required.

This service can be objectively used to resolve conflicts between clients and contractors arising from payments and completion date.

Construction Mediation services

Mediation is a dispute resolution process in which parties voluntarily agree to meet with a third party, who will assist them to settle the matter amicably.

Disputes in the residential construction sector are unfortunately quite common and usually quite complex.  Many disputes involve the matters of date of completion, workmanship, materials and/ or design issues.  Grievances generally result in contractual breach and payment issues.

Mediation of construction disputes is a advantageous route for all parties as it:

  • Faster and less expensive
  • Process is easier and involves less preparation
  • Parties have an option to choose the process and manner in which the mediation is conducted
  • The process and outcome of the mediation is private
  • Parties can make agreements focused on interests rather than position
  • Agreements can be drafted and made binding if the parties decide to to so

NHBRC Enrollments and registrations

CCG works with NHBRC consultants; The Facilitators, for professional assistance with all NHBRC related registrations and enrollments.  The Facilitators also offer services in resolving any problem you may experience with the NHBRC..

For more information on services offered, please contact The Facilitators at